Mystery Mix for J.G.

1. Devo - "Wiggly World"
2. Morningwood - "Jetsetter"
3. The Raconteurs - "Hands"
4. Private Eleanor - "Photocopy of a Photocopy of a Photograph '05"
5. Ted Leo/Pharmacists - "Army Bound"
6. The Kinks - "Victoria"
7. Chris Daughtry - "Wanted Dead or Alive"
8. Fall Out Boy - "So Sick"
9. "Weird Al" Yankovic - "You're Pitiful"
10. Dane Cook - "The BK Lounge
11. De La Soul - "Bitties In The BK Lounge"
12. R. Kelly - "Etcetera"
13. Prince - "Starfish And Coffee"
14. Jay-Z - "Encore"
15. Carla Bozulich - "Remember Me"
16. Steely Dan - "Chain Lightening"
17. Talking Heads - "Take Me To The River"
18. Foo Fighters - "The Deepest Blues Are Black"
19. Jon Auer - "Wicked World"

A few weeks ago I gave J.G. this CD with no tracklist or explanation. It's kind of a random selection, but almost every track was picked for a specific reason, albeit often a flimsy or in-jokey reason. #1 because when the Posies' cover popped up on my iTunes shuffle one day, she thought the chorus was "jigglypuff." #4 because she loves Private Eleanor's last CD and it's one of the only songs they play live a lot that isn't on that album. #5 is the more promising of the two new songs Ted Leo posted practice space demos of on his site earlier this year, and #6 is the Kinks song that Ted Leo's bridge openly borrows from. #7 is the track on the American Idol CD from J.G.'s favorite contestant from last season. #8 because she likes Fall Out Boy and I like Ne-Yo, and #9 because we both like making fun of James Blunt. #10 and #11 to make explicit the link between one of her favorite Dane Cook routines and one of my favorite Native Tongues jams. #12 because IHOP is our dining establishment of choice (seriously, I think we've been there 20 times in the past year). #13 because there's a mention of Lucy, one of our cats' names, in the song, and because it carries on the breakfast theme of R.'s IHOP reference. #14 because she likes the Linkin Parkified version, but doesn't know the original. #15 also popped up on iTunes one day and caught her ear. #16 because there's a weapon called 'chain lightening' on the computer game RPG she's been playing all the time for the past couple months. #17 because she heard one of those Billy Bass things sing a song called "Take Me To The River" and didn't know if it was a song specifically written for the automated fish to sing, so I had to educate her (although it's not technically the original version but it's still a pretty good one). #18 because a couple songs from the last Foo Fighters album really gradually creeped into most-played status on my iTunes a while back, and that was one of htem.


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