The Best of Me, 2017

Almost every year is my busiest year yet as a writer, but 2017 was different as I stepped back a little. Throughout the year, different things kind of kept me from freelancing more: a demanding project that I eventually got canned from, my father's death, the closing of the publication where I started my career, Baltimore City Paper, and also I just spent more time making music this year than probably any other year of my adult life, which was a change of pace I really wanted and needed. Still, I wrote some stuff I'm proud of and I like to take a quick look back at the end of the year. I already did my year-end lists of albums, singles, and TV shows that kind of represent a summary of what I thought of the year, but here's a sampling of other stuff: 

Muscle Memory Liner Notes, Part 6 (Narrowcast, February 22)
The Unstreamables: The Family's Page in the Prince Songbook (Noisey, February 28)
Deep Album Cuts Vol. 87: Chuck Berry (Narrowcast, March 24)
Produced by Jay Joyce (The Dowsers, March 25)
TV Diary (Narrowcast, April 12)
Beastie Boys' Check Your Head: Unpacked (The Dowsers, April 21)
The Remix Report Card (Noisey, April 27)
Richard David Shipley, 1950-2017 (Narrowcast, May 9)
Logic Talks Race and His Dense, Intense 70-Minute Rap Opus 'Everybody' (Rolling Stone, May 10)
Styles Upon Styles: Harry's Best One Direction Songs (The Dowsers, May 12)
Deep Album Cuts Vol. 92: Soundgarden (Narrowcast, May 19)
The Unstreamables: The Geraldine Fibbers' Debut Was a Country Feedback Masterpiece (Noisey, June 1) 
TV Diary (Narrowcast, June 9)
The Richard Shipley Memorial Playlist (The Dowsers, June 18) 
Prodigy: 10 Essential Tracks from the Mobb Deep MC (Rolling Stone, June 20)
Monthly Report: June 2017 Singles (Narrowcast, June 22) 
Vince Staples' Big Fishing Trip (Pigeons And Planes, June 28)
Movie Diary (Narrowcast, June 30)
Jay-Z's '4:44': A Track-By-Track Guide (Rolling Stone, June 30)
Puff Daddy & The Family's 'No Way Out': 5 Things You Didn't Know (Rolling Stone, July 21)
The Unstreamables: Def Leppard's 'Hysteria' Has Rocked for 30 Years but You Still Can't Stream It (Noisey, August 4)
In Defense of Takeoff (The Dowsers, August 6)
Little Feat's "Willin'" and This Is Us: The Trucker Ballad's Long, Winding Path To Pop Culture (Stereogum, September 14)
Jeezy's 40 Greatest Tracks (The Dowsers, September 28)
Monthly Report: September 2017 Albums (Narrowcast, October 2)
Steely Dan Salutes Walter Becker at Baltimore Show (Billboard, October 25)
Deep Album Cuts Vol. 99: INXS (Narrowcast, November 21)
Eminem: 50 Greatest Songs (Rolling Stone, November 21)
Dr. Dre's 'The Chronic': 10 Things You Didn't Know (Rolling Stone, December 15)
N.E.R.D. are Weighed Down by Their Famous Friends on No_One Ever Really Dies (Fact, December 19)
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