Sonic Youth mix for John

disc 1:

1. Theresa's Sound-world
2. Schizophrenia
3. Bull In The Heather
4. Disappearer
5. Skip Tracer
6. Brother James
7. In The Mind Of The Bourgeois Reader (mp3)
8. Reena
9. Silver Rocket
10. Titanium Expose
11. JC
12. Expressway To Yr Skull
13. Blink
14. Dirty Boots
15. Hoarfrost
16. Cross The Breeze

disc 2:
1. (I Got A) Catholic Block
2. Cinderella's Big Score
3. Purr
4. Genetic
5. Kissability
6. Rain On Tin (mp3)
7. New Hampshire
8. Turquoise Boy
9. Sugar Kane
10. Becuz
11. Shadow Of A Doubt
12. Sunday
13. Brave Men Run (In My Family) (mp3)
14. Eric's Trip
15. Kotton Krown
16. Teen Age Riot

I love making best-of mixes of my favorite bands, little personalized greatest hits compilations, and there's no band I've done that with more than Sonic Youth. Back when I was still driving a car with a tape deck and was constantly, compulsively making cassettes to listen to, I made a whole series of SY mixes divided up by lead vocalist: Thurston songs, Kim songs, Lee songs (which I re-did as a CD mix last year), and instrumentals (which was a really fun one I might re-do on CD someday). J.G. asked me to make her a Sonic Youth primer a couple years ago, and it was one of the last tapes I ever made before the tap deck I used to make mixtapes on broke and I got a computer with a CD burner (man I miss making tapes). A couple months ago, J.G.'s brother John, who I burned a CD for last year, also asked me for a Sonic Youth mix, and after putting it off for a while, when I found out when we'd be seeing him this weekend, I hunkered down and made this.

It wasn't a hard decision to make it 2 discs (it's the least I can do to try to cover a 14-album career in any halfway representative way), but I also had to give into the temptation to make the selection idiosyncratic enough for me to fully geek out over. So I included "Schizophrenic" and "Teenage Riot" (although the latter was a real last minute addition), but I didn't put them on the beginning of sides 1 and 2 like I did with J.G.'s mix. I included a few favorite singles, but ignored a lot of other ones (I wanted to use the early version of "Sunday," which I've always liked more, but I couldn't find my copy of the SubUrbia soundtrack). There's some indulgent inside baseball kinds of blocks and transitions, like the trilogy of songs based on Thurston's "Altar Boy, Church Basement" and a segue from song 1 on Sister to song 2 on Experimental Jet Set in reference to the fact that the latter album was recorded over the master tapes from the former album, and if you turn up the volume high enough you can hear some of Sister bleeding through on certain Jet Set songs. And then there's "Blink," which as I wrote about a while back, wasn't even domestically available until recently, and is an offbeat choice but one of my favorites. I don't think I really got into "Reena" until well after I named Rather Ripped my #2 album of 2006, but now I can't stop- listening to it. Hopefully John will hear something on there that'll further his interest in my favorite band.
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I have your SubUrbia CD. I've had it for a while now and always forgot to get it back to you.
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