The Best of Me, 2016

I did this in 2014 and 2015 and want to keep the tradition going, to look back at my own work in addition to my various year end lists of favorite albums, singles, TV shows, etc. This year, however, for the first time, at least half of my paid writing was not bylined, meaning I can't link it here, so I kinda feel like I was less productive in 2016 even though I was actually very busy. But just in general, I had a lot of things I wanted to do that I either never finished, never pitched, or never successfully convinced anybody to publish, and generally did a lot fewer interviewers and big, ambitious pieces than I usually try to do in a given year, to an extent because I was pretty stressed out with family issues for the first half of the year. Plus, I kinda diversified my output and the things I did with music; I released an album and an EP and played shows with 3 different bands, I appeared on a couple podcasts, I spent a week doing shows with Diana Ross that ended with a day at the White House, where I shook hands with President Obama. Still, when I look back, I ended up writing a fair amount of things that I enjoyed and am happy to look back at now:

Behind 'The Breaks': A Look at the Music in VH1's Original Movie About Early '90s Hip-Hop (Complex, January 4)
Deep Album Cuts Vol. 54: David Bowie (Narrowcast, January 14)
That Was Early Kanye, This Is Middle Kanye (Noisey, February 15)
DJ Reggie Reg, a 92Q DJ and Bmore club personality, remembered (Baltimore City Paper, February 16)
TV Diary (Narrowcast, March 2)
George Martin: 20 Great Non-Beatles Productions (Rolling Stone, March 9)
Monthly Report: March 2016 Albums (Narrowcast, April 4)
It Goes Down In The Remix: The First Remix Report Card of 2016 (Noisey, April 10)
20 Songs You Didn't Know Kanye West Produced (Rolling Stone, April 11)
Tate Kobang: Walking In The Clouds (Pigeons & Planes, April 12)
Here Are The Artists You Need To See At Coachella (Complex, April 13)
The Prince 100 (Narrowcast, April 22)
'Panda' Express: Desiigner & the History of No. 1 Debut Rap Hits on the Hot 100 (Billboard, May 6)
TV Diary (Narrowcast, May 18)
Monthly Report: June 2016 Singles (Narrowcast, June 21)
The 10 Best Rapper-Producer Relationships Right Now (Complex, July 18)
Guwop Home: How Is Gucci Mane's 'Everybody Looking'? (Noisey, July 25)
Young Thug's New Moniker is Just Another Entry in the Long History of Changing Rap Names (Complex, August 15)
Pack It Up And Tear It Down: The Good and Bad of Cameron Crowe's Roadies (Stereogum, August 25)
Behind The Scenes: Butch Walker (The Dowsers, August 26)
The 2016 VMAs: Leftovers and Nick Jonas (Narrowcast, September 2)
Deep Album Cuts Vol. 80: Meat Loaf (Narrowcast, September 16)
George Jones: Drinking Songs (The Dowsers, September 21)
Power Ranking of All the Crews in Hip-Hop Right Now (Complex, October 6)
Deep Album Cuts Vol. 83: Pearl Jam (Narrowcast, October 26)
Movie Diary (Narrowcast, October 26)
Future's Best of 2016 (The Dowsers, November 21)
Dave Matthews, Graham Nash Perform Powerful Stand With Standing Rock Concert (Rolling Stone, November 28)
Monthly Report: November 2016 Albums (Narrowcast, December 2)
TV Diary (Narrowcast, December 8)
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