Deep Album Cuts Vol. 83: Pearl Jam

This week The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced the nominees for its 2017 inductees, and the most prominent and unsurprising name in the list was Pearl Jam, who will almost certainly be inducted in their first eligible year. They were my first favorite band, and they still mean a lot to me, so it's easy for me to pick favorite songs or talk about them.

Pearl Jam Deep Album Cuts (Spotify playlist): 

1. Porch
2. Deep
3. Why Go
4. Rearviewmirror
5. Rats
6. Blood
7. Satan's Bed
8. Whipping
9. Last Exit
10. In My Tree
11. Mankind
12. Present Tense
13. MFC
14. Brain Of J
15. Insignificance
16. Grievance
17. You Are
18. Get Right
19. Come Back
20. Supersonic
21. Infallible

Tracks 1, 2 and 3 from Ten (1991)
Tracks 4, 5 and 6 from Vs. (1993)
Tracks 7, 8 and 9 from Vitalogy (1994)
Tracks 10, 11 and 12 from No Code (1996)
Tracks 13 and 14 from Yield (1998)
Tracks 15 and 16 from Binaural (2000)
Tracks 17 and 18 from Riot Act (2002)
Track 19 from Pearl Jam (2006)
Track 20 from Backspacer (2009)
Track 21 from Lightning Bolt (2013)

I decided to avoid the many album tracks never released as singles that nonetheless became huge famous hits ("Better Man," "Black," etc.). But really the band was so huge in the '90s that I probably heard every song from Ten and Vs. on the radio at one point or another. I previously did a "box set" of four playlists representing the band's work with the four drummers they've recorded albums with.

I could practically pick these songs in my sleep, at least for the earlier part of their career that I know by heart. The last three albums I never really revisited much after they were new, so I had to refresh my memory a bit. Pearl Jam will probably always be their weakest album to me, the last two were a little better, "Infallible" is probably their best studio work with Boom Gaspar, the organ/piano player who's toured with the band since 2002.

I was 10 when I bought Ten, and "Porch" was pretty quickly my favorite of the songs I hadn't heard on MTV, and remains for me one of the band's key songs. At this point my favorite albums by the band are probably Vitalogy and No Code, a couple of anguished experimental records from when they were such huge stars that they could get away with it. It's tempting to include some of those albums' weirder experiments like "Bugs" or "I'm Open." But I stuck with the genuinely great songs that have some unique cachet, including "Mankind," the only Stone Gossard lead vocal performance in the Pearl Jam catalog, and "Satan's Bed," the only song on which a drum machine takes the place of a drummer who was taking a sick day.

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