Producer Series Mix #1: Shondrae "Bangladesh" Crawford

1. Shawnna f/ Twista and Ludacris - "R.P.M." (mp3)
2. Ludacris f/ Shawnna - "What's Your Fantasy"
3. Ludacris f/ Trina, Shawnna, and Foxy Brown - "What's Your Fantasy" Remix (mp3)
4. Ludacris - "Ho"
5. Ludacris f/ UGK - "Stick 'Em Up"
6. Ludacris f/ Twista and Jagged Edge - "Freaky Thangs"
7. Ludacris - "Coming 2 America" (mp3)
8. Freeway f/ Lil' Jon - "Rep Yo Click" (mp3)
9. Petey Pablo f/ Rasheeda - "Vibrate"
10. Ciara - "Hotline"
11. Kelis f/ Too $hort - "Bossy"
12. Turf Talk - "Hubba Rock"
13. Young Gunz - "Same Shit, Different Day"
14. Yung Wun - "I Tried to Tell Ya" (mp3)
15. Missy Elliott - "Click Clack"
16. 8-Ball & MJG - "You Don't Want Drama"
17. 8-Ball & MJG - "Don't Make" (mp3)
18. 8-Ball & MJG f/ Lloyd - "Forever"

Shondrae, who's been putting that "Bangladesh!" soundbyte at the beginning of all his tracks lately, is one of my favorite quasi-Southern producers, from Iowa by way of Atlanta (contrary to the belief of mash-up DJ herbs who think he's from Memphis). For a while a few years ago, I lurked on a hip hop production nerd message board where Shondrae was the resident celebrity, back when he was still part of DTP. But even before that, I was checking for his beats, and even though he's got a few hits under his belt, it seems like not too many people know him by name. This is pretty much all the tracks I know of by him, except for a handful of other Luda/DTP tracks that I left off to fit it all on one disc. Also, the original version of "Rep Yo Click" with 8Ball & MJG on it from a few months ago. Let it also be said that K.W. Griff's remix of "Don't Make" is one of my favorite Baltimore club music tracks of the past 2 years.

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Hiya im from england and i probably know more about Shondrae than u do!! seriosuly i prob dont but i know a whole load of otha shondrae songs:
- eightball & mjg - get low
- dpg - make dat pussy pop
- lil scrappy - take a picture
- keri hilson - hands & feet
- shawnna - block music
- 112 - closing the club
- nina shaw - my way
aparently hes doing another song on luda's release therapy, jus gotta w8 n c!
^^ this comment is mad old but it never ceases to annoy me -- dumbass, the idea here is that it's a mix of songs that fit on an 80-minute CD, not a list of every song I know by the producer!
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