Feb '08 mix for J.G.

1. Maroon 5 - "Little Of Your Time" (mp3)
2. Say Anything - "Alive With The Glory Of Love"
3. Little Feat - "Easy To Slip" (mp3)
4. Kenna - "Sun Red Sky Blue"
5. They Might Be Giants - "Another First Kiss"
6. Fall Out Boy - "Dance Dance" (RJD2 Remix)
7. The Police - "The Bed's Too Big Without You"
8. My Brightest Diamond - "Disappear"
9. Peter Gabriel - "In Your Eyes"
10. Björk - "Isobel"
11. Travis Morrison Hellfighters - "Book Of Names"
12. Wye Oak - "If Children Were Wishes"
13. John Legend - "Show Me"
14. Jeff Buckley with Shudder To Think - "I Want Someone Badly" (mp3)
15. Damien Rice - "Hallelujah" (live)
16. Thin Lizzy - "Dancing In The Moonlight"
17. Avec - "Albina Krobot"
18. Paramore - "Fences" (mp3)
19. Apollo Sunshine - "U & I"
20. Sloan - "Last Time In Love"

Had been meaning to make a mix for J.G. for a while now (the last one was back a year and a half ago), especially since the wedding's coming up and I'm hashing out the music playlist for that and running ideas by her, a few of which are scattered on this. A few thematical things in here, like sandwiching Jeff Buckley between John Legend's impression of him and one of J.G.'s favorite Buckley-lites covering his own signature cover that's gotten its most recent revival in popularity via "American Idol." A couple things were included on request that she wanted copies of, like "In Your Eyes," but really I never get tired of that song. I still haven't gotten used to Monarch becoming Wye Oak and calling them by their new name, though.
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I love that Maroon 5 track. Them nasty acoustic guitars!

What's that Jeff Buckley/Shudder to think song. Did they collaborate?
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Shudder To Think soundtracked a movie called First Love, Last Rites, and Jeff Buckley was a guest singer on one track (and that song was also included on a reissue of Buckley's album Grace).

Yeah, I really like the live version of "First Kiss," but J.G. prefers the studio "Another First Kiss" and wanted a copy of that.
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