Producer Series Mix #9: Bink!

1. Jay-Z f/ Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek and Amil - "You, Me, Him And Her"
2. Mr. Cheeks - "Lights, Camera, Action!"
3. Nate Dogg f/ Fabolous, B.R.E.T.T. and Kurupt - "I Got Love (Remix)"
4. Freeway - "Still Got Love"
5. Skillz - "Rap Up 07"
6. Cassidy - "Damn I Miss The Game" (mp3)
7. Jay-Z - "The Ruler's Back"
8. Beanie Sigel f/ Redman - "One Shot Deal"
9. Lost Boyz f/ A+, Redman and Canibus - "Beasts From The East" (mp3)
10. Mystikal - "Mystikal Fever" (mp3)
11. Jin f/ Twista - "The Come Thru"
12. Jay-Z f/ Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek and Freeway - "1-900-Hustler" (mp3)
13. Fat Joe f/ Armageddon and Ludacris - "Get The Hell On With That"
14. Eve f/ Anthony Hamilton - "Ryde Away" (mp3)
15. Xzibit f/ Anthony Hamilton - "The Gambler"
16. Gza The Genius f/ Ghostface Killah and Streetlife - "Silent"
17. Jay-Z - "All I Need"
18. Amerie - "Paint Me Over" (mp3)
19. Freeway f/ Nate Dogg - "All My Life" (mp3)

It always interested me that the whole Cinderella story about the production on The Blueprint, that it almost singlehandedly brought the soul loop style in vogue in hip hop (again) and launched the superstar careers of Just Blaze and Kanye West and all that, tends to conveniently overlook the fact that there was a 3rd Roc-A-Fella producer with multiple beats on the album who helped craft the label's trademark sound. That's, of course, because Bink! aka Bink Dog's profile didn't skyrocket shortly after that album like the other two, and I have no idea why that is, because he makes pretty consistently awesome beats. None of his songs with Jay was a single, although I consider pretty much all of them classics, and I didn't even know his biggest hit to date, "Lights, Camera, Action," was produced by him until I started putting together this mix (and I must've wondered a hundred times the year that song was inescapable who produced the damn Mr. Cheeks song but somehow never found out until now).

Norfolk, Virginia's Roosevelt "Bink Dog" Harrell III (I think there's a releation to Andre Harrell of Uptown Records, but I don't know what it is) racked up a few credits with the Lost Boyz among others in the '90s, landed deep cuts on countless major label albums in the post-Blueprint soul beat goldrush without any real hits besides the Mr. Cheeks ("I Got Love" shoulda been huge), and then seemed to disappear off the mainstream map entirely for a few years. But there was a little bit of a Bink! comeback in 2007, when he produced the latest Skillz year-in-review track, played in Go-Go legend Chuck Brown's band, and placed tracks on three of my favorite albums of the year. Granted, one of those, Amerie's Because I Love It never even got released in the U.S. and the other two, Freeway's Free At Last and Cassidy's B.A.R.S., kinda came and went without much notice, but Bink produced highlights on each. Even if most people can't tell his beats from Just Blaze (the easiest way to tell the difference is the high-pitched snares Bink tends to use), I'm glad he's still out there putting his own twist on amped up helium soul beats.

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