1. Beanie Sigel - The B.Coming
2. System Of A Down - Mezmerize
3. Rod Lee - Vol. 5: The Official
4. Brooke Valentine - Chain Letter
5. Grand Buffet - Five Years Of Fireworks
6. Bossman - Law & Order
7. Brendan Benson - The Alternative To Love
8. Cassidy - I'm A Hustla
9. The Evens - The Evens
10. Amerie - Touch

1. Amerie - "1 Thing"
2. The Game f/ 50 Cent - "Hate It Or Love It"
3. R. Kelly - "Trapped In The Closet"
4. My Chemical Romance - "Helena"
5. Cassidy - "I'm A Hustla"
6. Mariah Carey - "We Belong Together"
7. Ying Yang Twins - "Wait (The Whisper Song)"
8. Lil Mo - "Dem Boyz"
9. T.I. - "U Don't Know Me"
10. System Of A Down - "B.Y.O.B."
11. Snoop Dogg w/ Justin Timberlake and Charlie Wilson - "Signs"
12. Common f/ The Last Poets - "The Corner"
13. Ludacris f/ Bobby Valentino - "Pimpin' All Over The World"
14. Juelz Santana - "Mic Check 1, 2"
15. The Killers - "Mr. Brightside"
16. Tweet - "Turn Da Lights Off"
17. Will Smith - "Switch"
18. R. Kelly - "Sex In The Kitchen"
19. John Legend - "Ordinary People"
20. Lee Ann Womack - "I May Hate Myself In The Morning"
21. Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz f/ Usher and Ludacris - "Lovers & Friends"
22. Shakira f/ Alejandro Sanz - "La Tortura"
23. U2 - "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own"
24. 112 - "U Already Know"
25. Toby Keith - "As Good As I Once Was"
26. Gucci Mane f/ Young Jeezy - "Icy"
27. Juvenile - "Sets Go Up"
28. Pitbull f/ Lil Jon - "Toma"
29. Destiny's Child - "Girl"
30. Webbie f/ Bun B - "Give Me That"
31. Vivian Green - "Gotta Go, Gotta Leave (Tired)"
32. Tyra - "Country Boy"
33. Nivea f/ Lil Jon and the Youngbloodz - "Okay"
34. Big & Rich - "The Big Time"
35. Ludacris - "#1 Spot"
36. Kelly Osbourne - "One Word"
37. Snoop Dogg - "Ups & Downs"
38. Boyz N Da Hood - "Dem Boyz"
39. Foo Fighters - "Best Of You"
40. Fat Joe - "So Much More"
41. Alan Jackson - "The Talkin' Song Repair Blues"
42. Bobby Valentino - "Slow Down"
43. Marque Houston - "All Because Of You"
44. Trick Daddy f/ Cee-Lo and Lil Kim - "Sugar"
45. 3 Doors Down - "Let Me Go"
46. Cam'ron f/ Kanye West - "Down & Out"
47. Kanye West - "Diamonds"
48. Missy Elliott f/ Ciara and Fatman Scoop - "Lose Control"
49. Paul Wall - "Sittin' Sidewayz"
50. Omarion - "Touch"

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the ipod means I have access to all my music all the time. it also means I stopped listening to any radio that plays new music. I only know foos and system.

crap, I'm really out of it.
I'm surprised to see that U2 song and Ordinary People behind "Sittin Sidewayz" and "Diamonds" (especially "Diamonds," actually) - soft spot for the ballads?
um by "behind" i mean "in front of" obviously.
me and ballads are like THIS. I direct you to the high placement of the Mariah.
"Ordinary People" I can understand but that U2 song? Edge has never been so autopilot.
I LOVE that Mariah song! It's sort of undeniable (and, like, the country agrees!) I like the John Legend album, but "Ordinary People" was sort of eh. The b-more club remix though! Oh and blah to U2.
...the best part of the mariah song is when she sings bobby womack and babyface when she hears them on the radio, "'if you think you're lonely now...' this is too deep..." I guess I expected Diamonds to be higher because you put College Dropout at number one last year. Yeah good list though. I need to hear that Shakira song.
You're kidding about that Cassidy album right? That album is horrible.
I only listened to the Cassidy album a couple times before putting on that list, so it might slide off after more listens, time will tell. sounded good to me, though.
wait, nevermind, I'm not even backing down. you put a Juelz Santana mixtape as your #1 album of the year so far? and you're giving me shit about putting Cassidy at #8? fuck that, man.
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