TV Theme Mix Part 2

1. Speed Racer
2. Garfield And Friends
3. Futurama
4. DuckTales
5. Darkwing Duck
6. Talespin
7. X-Men
8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
9. Captain Planet
10. Tiny Toon Adventures
11. Animaniacs
12. Pinky and the Brain
13. Pink Panther
14. Inspector Gadget
15. Ghostbusters
16. Doug
17. Fairly Odd Parents
18. Care Bears
19. Schoolhouse Rock
20. Do The Mario
21. Super Mario Bros Super Show
22. Smurfs
23. Fraggle Rock
24. Muppet Show
25. Shining Time Station
26. Pee Wee's Playhouse
27. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
28. ALF
29. The Price is Right
30. Jeopardy (Think Music)
31. Saved By The Bell
32. Cosby Show
33. Batman
34. Gilligan's Island
35. Monty Python's Flying Circus
36. Sanford and Son
37. Full House
38. Family Matters
39. Step By Step
40. Matlock
41. Happy Days
42. Cheers
43. Who's The Boss
44. Family Ties

My first TV Theme Mix that I made a few months ago was largely comprised of pre-existing songs by known recording artists that happened to become theme songs for TV shows, and this was due largely to my selection being limited to stuff I could find easily on iTunes or in a record store. But a while back after I made that CD, I came across a link on my brother's blog to this site, which is just ridiculously jam-packed full of mp3's of varying sound quality of theme songs from shows I grew up on. So I picked through it and DLed the ones I liked or at least recognized, and tried to put in a halfway listenable 61-minute sequence (I decided to start with the cartoons, end with the live action shows, and put shows that involved puppetry somewhere in the middle). I didn't bother finding the credits for who wrote or recorded most of these, since it would be a pretty futile search to find them all. Some of these were just songs from TV shows and not the main theme songs, but were just too good not to include (like the "think music" from Jeopardy or the "Do The Mario" song from the Super Mario Brothers Super Show).
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Oh man!!!! "Do The Mario" is SO going on my iPod!
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