Producer Series Mix #7: Polow Da Don

1. Bubba Sparxxx f/ Sean Paul of YoungBloodZ, Rich Boy, and Pastor Troy - "Back In The Mud (Zone 4 Remix)" (mp3)
2. Rich Boy f/ Polow Da Don - "Throw Some Ds"
3. Lil Fate, Rich Boy and Gangsta Boo - "Break A Nigga Off" (mp3)
4. Ciara - "Bang It Up" (mp3)
5. Will Smith - "Party Starter"
6. Ludacris f/ Bobby Valentino - "Pimpin' All Over The World"
7. Field Mob - "At The Park"
8. Tru Life f/ Tara Lynne - "This Is The Life" (mp3)
9. Kelis - "Blindfold Me"
10. Young Buck - "Get Buck"
11. Fergie - "London Bridge"
12. The Pussycat Dolls - "Buttons"
13. Ciara f/ Polow Da Don - "Get Up (Zone 4 Remix)" (mp3)
14 . Mario - "Crying Out For Me"
15. Gwen Stefani f/ Ludacris - "Luxurious (Zone 4 Remix)"
16. Ludacris f/ Mary J. Blige - "Runaway Love"
17. Keri Hilson - "Where Did He Go?" (mp3)*
17. Jamie Foxx f/ Twista - "DJ Play A Love Song"
18. Ciara - "Promise"

Polow Da Don is someone I've wanted to include in this series since before I even started it, but I kept procrastinating with his entry and now he's kinda everywhere. Which is cool, because with monochromatic one-trick ponies like Scott Storch and Lil Jon running the game, it's been a while since there's been a hip hop/R&B producer at the top that I'm genuinely excited about. The "Back In The Mud" remix was his first track that really caught my ear and it's still one of my favorites (and Rich Boy's verse is basically the blueprint for "Throw Some Ds"). Although there's certain sounds you hear now and again in his tracks, his bag of tricks is ridiculously deep (I can still just barely get my head around "Where Did He Go?," which is ostensibly a straight R&B track). But I guess now that he has about half a dozen top 10 hits, everybody's gonna want him for their lead single and we'll see how he handles the moment of overexposure that kills a lot of producers. And as good as he is with pop and R&B, hopefully he'll do more Southern rap tracks. The Young Buck single that just dropped is a little boring, but just about everything Young Buck does bores me to tears. But maybe the Rich Boy album will be awesome. Some notable omissions: that great Mya remix that got a lot of people checking for Polow, and Field Mob's annoying "Baby Bend Over," which I didn't have room for, and Fergie's "Glamorous," which is just a lesser version of the "Luxurious" remix, same beat, same Luda verse. Also check Noz's great post on XXL last week about Polow's old group, Jim Crow.

* As revealed to me in the comments to this post, that track appears to be by Timbaland/Danjahandz, not Polow, my bad

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the hilson 'where did he go?' sounds like standard timbaland business, you really sure it's a polow?
hmm, i dunno, good question. I've seen it credited to Polow but now that I look both Timbo and Danja Handz claim credit for it on their MySpace pages. Polow seems so clearly influenced by Timbaland and they've worked with so many of the same artists (Luda, PCD, Rich Boy, Bubba, Jamie Foxx, Kelis, etc.) that I'm not too embarrassed about my error. I even remember seeing someone claim that Timbo did "Party Starter" at one point.
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