2005 so far

Friday, September 30, 2005

1. Kanye West - Late Registration
2. System Of A Down - Mezmerize
3. Rod Lee - Vol. 5: The Official
4. Apollo Sunshine - Apollo Sunshine
5. Beanie Sigel - The B. Coming
6. Grand Buffet - Five Years Of Fireworks
7. Brooke Valentine - Chain Letter
8. The Posies - Every Kind Of Light
9. Medications - All Your Favorite People In One Place
10. Bossman - Law & Order

11. Missy Elliott - The Cookbook
12. Brendan Benson - The Alternative To Love
13. Amerie - Touch
14. Cassidy - I'm A Hustla
15. The Evens - The Evens
16. Lake Trout - Not You, Them
17. Fat Joe - All Or Nothing
18. Scott Amendola Band - Believe
19. DJ K-Swift - Club Queen Vol. 6: The Return
20. Enon - Lost Marbles And Exploded Evidence


1. Kelly Clarkson - "Since U Been Gone"
2. Amerie - "1 Thing"
3. The Game f/ 50 Cent- "Hate It Or Love It"
4. My Chemical Romance - "Helena"
5. Three 6 Mafia f/ Young Buck and 8Ball & MJG - "Stay Fly"
6. R. Kelly - "Trapped In The Closet
7. Mariah Carey - "We Belong Together"
8. Cassidy - "I'm A Hustla"
9. Ying Yang Twins - "Wait (The Whisper Song)"
10. Lil Kim - "Lighters Up"

11. Natasha Bedingfield - "These Words"
12. Toni Braxton - "Take This Ring"
13. Lil Mo - "Dem Boyz"
14. System Of A Down - "B.Y.O.B."
15. Vivian Green - "Gotta Go, Gotta Leave (Tired)"
16. Ludacris f/ Bobby Valentino - "Pimpin' All Over The World"
17. David Banner - "Play"
18. Juelz Santana - "Mic Check 1, 2"
19. Shakira f/ Alejandro Sanz - "La Tortura"
20. Kanye West f/ Adam Levine of Maroon 5 - "Heard 'Em Say"

21. Mariah Carey - "Shake It Off"
22. Bobby Valentino f/ Lil Wayne - "Tell Me"
23. Tweet - "Turn Da Lights Off"
24. Will Smith - "Switch"
25. Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz f/ Usher and Ludacris - "Lovers & Friends"
26. Young Jeezy f/ Akon - "Soul Survivor"
27. Snoop Dogg w/ Justin Timberlake and Charlie Wilson - "Signs"
28. Omarion - "Touch"
29. John Legend - "Ordinary People"
30. Boyz N Da Hood - "Dem Boyz"

31. Toby Keith - "As Good As I Once Was"
32. B.G. f/ Homebwoi - "Where Da At"
33. Destiny's Child - "Girl"
34. Tony Yayo f/ G-Unit - "I Know You Don't Love Me"
35. Nivea f/ Lil Jon and the Youngbloodz - "Okay"
36. Webbie f/ Bun B - "Give Me That"
37. Kanye West - "Diamonds"
38. Lee Ann Womack - "I May Hate Myself In The Morning"
39. Bobby Valentino - "Slow Down"
40. Rihanna - "Pon De Replay"

41. Common f/ The Last Poets - "The Corner"
42. The Killers - "Mr. Brightside"
43. R. Kelly - "Sex In The Kitchen"
44. T.I. - "ASAP"
45. Missy Elliott f/ Ciara and Fatman Scoop - "Lose Control"
46. U2 - "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own"
47. Tyra - "Country Boy"
48. Remy Ma f/ Swizz Beatz- "Whateva"
49. Gwen Stefani - "Cool"
50. Ebony Eyez - "In Ya Face"

51. 112 - "U Already Know"
52. Gucci Mane f/ Young Jeezy - "Icy"
53. Juvenile f/ Wacko - "Sets Go Up"
54. T.I. - "U Don't Know Me"
55. Dem Franchize Boyz f/ Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat and Bow Wow - "I Think They Like Me (So So Def Remix)"
56. Bow Wow f/ Ciara - "Like You"
57. U2 - "City Of Blinding Lights"
58. Big & Rich - "The Big Time"
59. Foo Fighters - "Best Of You"
60. Ludacris - "#1 Spot"

61. Kelly Osbourne - "One Word"
62. Snoop Dogg - "Ups & Downs"
63. Fat Joe - "So Much More"
64. The Killers - "All The Things I've Done"
65. Papa Roach - "Scars"
66. T.I. f/ P$C and Lil Scrappy - "I'm A King"
67. Kanye West f/ Jamie Foxx - "Gold Digger"
68. Alan Jackson - "The Talkin' Song Repair Blues"
69. Marque Houston - "All Because Of You"
70. Trick Daddy f/ Cee-Lo and Lil Kim - "Sugar"

71. 3 Doors Down - "Let Me Go"
72. Fantasia - "Free Yourself"
73. Cam'ron f/ Kanye West - "Down & Out"
74. Paul Wall - "Sittin' Sidewayz"
75. Common - "Go!"
76. Tony Yayo f/ 50 Cent - "So Seductive"
77. Damien Marley - "Welcome To Jamrock"
78. Foxy Brown f/ Sizzla - "Come Fly With Me"
79. Amerie - "Talkin' About"
80. Cassidy - "B-Boy Stance"

81. Good Charlotte - "I Just Wanna Live"
82. Ne-Yo f/ Peedi Crakk - "Stay"
83. Audioslave - "Be Yourself"
84. Dierks Bentley - "Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do"
85. Shania Twain - "I Ain't No Quitter"
86. Nine Inch Nails - "The Hand That Feeds"
87. Hot Hot Heat - "Middle Of Nowhere"
88. Foo Fighters - "D.O.A."
89. J-Kwon f/ Petey Pablo and Ebony Eyez - "Get XXX'd"
90. Young Jeezy f/ Mannie Fresh - "And Then What"

91. Brad Paisley - "Alcohol"
92. 50 Cent f/ Mobb Deep - "Outta Control (Remix)"
93. Backstreet Boys - "Incomplete"
94. Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz f/ Bohagon - "Get Crunk"
95. Kelly Clarkson - "Behind These Hazel Eyes"
96. Mars Volta - "The Widow"
97. Toni Braxton - "Please"
98. Sawyer Brown - "Mission Temple Fireworks Stand"
99. Hot Apple Pie - "Hillbillies"
100. Weezer - "Perfect Situation"

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
The Posies @ the Black Cat, Washington, D.C. 9/26/05
Definite Door / Please Return It / Second Time Around / Ontario / Throwaway / Everybody Is A Fucking Liar / I Guess You're Right / Start A Life / Precious Moments / Conversations / Dream All Day / Grant Hart / Flavor Of The Month / Solar Sister / encore: It's Great To Be Here Again / Love Letter Boxes / Apology / You're The Beautiful One

On Monday night, after I got out of my night class, I raced down to D.C. to see maybe one of my favorite bands ever. I didn't become fully obsessed with the Posies until after they broke up in the late 90's, so I never saw them live during their original run. But they keep coming back and doing tours together, so I've gotten to see them twice now in some reunited form, and I always get geeked out about it. There's a kind of faded glory to what they do now, a couple of guys in their late 30's, playing mostly songs they wrote over a decade ago to half full rooms in smaller venues than they played at the time. But they're still a pretty formidable live act and a lot of fun to watch. Jon Auer is a chubby guitar god who could pass for Antonio Banderas's brother, and throws his guitar in mid-air constantly, even during solos. And Ken Stringfellow is constantly jumping around and spitting, sometimes whipping his head back and hocking phlegm three feet above his head and then catching it in his mouth.

The first time I saw them live was about 4 years ago, when Jon and Ken had just started playing with a new rhythm section, Matt and Darius, who are still playing with them on their current album and tour. I remember at the time, I was a little unnerved by Darius's drumming, since he didn't really emulate the parts on the original studio versions of the songs, and I loved the playing of both of the Posies' 2 previous drummers. So if he didn't play the same fills the same way they did, it kind of ruined the song for me in some small, nitpicky way. But this time, it sounded like he'd really studied the old studio albums and picked up the essence of the songs, which made the show, in my eyes, a lot better than the last one.

I'd seen a few setlists from this tour already on the internet, so I kinda knew what to expect for the song selection. But there were a few surprises I wasn't expecting, and I enjoyed the large amount of songs from Amazing Disgrace, probably my favorite album. Their new album, Every Kind Of Light, has continued to grow on me since I reviewed it, so I wouldn't have minded if they'd played more than 4 songs from it, but 3 of them happened to be my favorite songs on the album, so I was happy with that. "Start A Life" and "You're The Beautiful One" were great songs to hear live, but I kinda wish they weren't still playing over the drum loops from the versions on Success and came up with different live arrangements.

Towards the end of the set, with little warning, Jon and Ken threw their mic stands down in front of the stage and jumped down to perform "Dream All Day" and "Grant Hart" down on the floor in the middle of the crowd. It was kind of a mess and someone's mic kept feeding back, but it was still pretty cool. Jon even threw his guitar up so high at one point that it bounced off the ceiling. After the show, I checked out the merch table, and the only CD they had for sale that I don't already own was one of Jon's side projects, so I bought it and a poster, and I shook Jon Auer's hand and he called me "bro". I don't get real nervous or excited about meeting musicians anymore, but that was kind of a surreal moment.

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TV diary

Monday, September 26, 2005
Now that J.G. and I live together, our TV habits have taken on more and more synergy, whereas before we'd just watch the shows we both already liked whenever we hung out. It's been a few years since I watched any network prime time show every single week, but she's got a few she keeps up on. She got me into C.S.I. years ago, but I'm starting to try some of the other ones and sort out what I like. I'd been kind of ignoring the Lost hype last season, just not interested in the premise or the descriptions, and got tired of the hatch talk all summer. But I watched a couple repeats, and by the end of the season premiere, I was pretty hooked. I think if it gets any sillier, I'll either tune out again or will become completely addicted.

Veronica Mars
Another one of J.G.'s favorites that I'm trying out. I guess it's pretty tired to bitch about TV teenagers being played by much older actors, but seriously, she was 24 during the first season and she's supposed to be in high school, that's just lazy casting. The first couple episodes I saw were kind of light and enjoyable, but then they started to get into all these heavy plots with date rape drugs and murder and shit, I hope when the new season starts they'll kind of restart the cycle and it'll be a little less heavy and more of a funny, slightly spooky girl detective show.

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
Easily my favorite non-Adult Swim show on Cartoon Network. Created by the same guy as Dexter's Lab and Powerpuff Girls but the animation style and the humor are kind of distinct and unique. Some of the episodes get a bit repetitive and shrill in search of a running gag, but it pays off big in some episodes (especially the one featuring a character named Cheese).

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Friday, September 23, 2005
Last night J.G. and I had a busy night out. First, we went to the big City Paper party for the Best Of Baltimore issue, which is I guess their biggest event all year. I also went to the staff party on Monday, which was considerably smaller. I've been writing for CP for less than 6 months now, and had only been in the offices once, so, like probably a lot of other freelancers there, I didn't know many people. But it was nice to say hi to the handful of people I have met, and I got to finally meet Jess Harvell, after a couple years of message board/blogosphere bitchiness and grudging respect and a few weeks of being cooperative and working together. Also got to meet Jason Torres, who's been covering Baltimore hip hop for CP incredibly thoroughly and for way longer than I have, and it was cool to find out he's seen Gov't Names and reccomend mixtapes to each other.

The big party on Thursday was at Ram's Head Live, which is a venue that opened downtown a few months ago, extending the franchise of the Ram's Head that's been in Annapolis for years. They book fairly big acts there, but I was expecting the actual room with the stage to be bigger, it seems like more than half of the place is taken up with little bar areas that have zero stage visibility. Seems like a waste of a potentially good place to see a show. It was a lot louder and more crowded than the staff party, which meant it was a lot harder to find people I knew, or carry on coherent conversations with them. So after a couple drinks and a run at the food table, J.G. and I decided to split for our next appointment of the night.

We went down to D.C. to the 9:30 Club to see one of J.G.'s favorite bands, Our Lady Peace. I took her to see them there for her birthday three years ago, a few months after we started dating, so it was nice to do that again. They put on a good show, and I am down with the Canadian post-grunge. Their drummer is good and the singer has a weird voice that sounds cool when he hits high notes, and always sounds kind of like he has a cold. He also wore a beard and a fedora, which he didn't take off for the entire show. The fedora, I mean. He didn't take off the beard either, though. It occurred to me during the show for the first time that some of their songs have a serious U2 vibe, in some of the guitar sounds and the big anthemic quality of the songs. And right as I was thinking that, he started singing a little of "All I Want Is You" during the last song before the encore. Their new album is pretty good and the new stuff mixed well with the old hits. And it's fun to go with J.G. to a show she's really hyped about, since usually I'm the one who's hyped about something, although I try not to drag her to see any bands she doesn't like or I don't think she'd probably like.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005
in my stereo:

Apollo Sunshine - Apollo Sunshine
112 - Part III
Shudder To Think - Ten Spot/Funeral At The Movies
various artists - The Rough Guide To Brazillian Hip Hop
Lil Mo - Based On A True Story
Skarr Akbar and DJ Radio - The General, Part 1
Nature's Problem - The Future
Little Clayway - The Takeover
Billo - The Hood Rock Star: The Daily Grind, Vol. 1
The Seldon Plan - The Living Room EP

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
City Paper's annual Best Of Baltimore issue is out today. And although writers aren't credited for each individual blurb they write, the ones I did were: best MC (Huli Shallone), best club music producer (Blaq Starr), best local summer jam (Rod Lee's "Dance My Pain Away"), best music radio station (92Q). The whole issue's worth picking through, but some other good picks that I didn't write include: N.E.K., Bossman's Virgin Records Deal, Screwed and Chopped Club, K-Swift, Ms. Tris, Lil Mo's Video for "Dem Boyz", and my personal favorite, White Hipsters Glom Onto Baltimore Club Music (the accompanying picture is priceless; I hesitantly went to that party, and I remember cringing at the dude in the Star Wars shirt).

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Netflix diary

Tuesday, September 20, 2005
1. Eddie Izzard: Dress To Kill
J.G. and I just got Netflix at the new apartment last week. This was one of her picks. A friend of hers at school had a copy of this that they watched constantly and could quote every other word of it. He's funny! I like when he makes some European historical reference that goes over the American audience's heads, and then taunts them about it.

2. Freaks and Geeks, disc 1
I was a big fan of the show during its original run, been wanting to rent or buy the DVDs ever since they came out but hadn't until now. I was a junior in high school when it was originally on, and I don't identify with it as much anymore obviously, but it still holds up pretty well, although in kind of a different way than I'd expected. I'd seen most of the episodes before, I think J.G. had only seen one or two. Not through the whole season yet but looking forward to getting more discs. Kinda even more looking forward to getting the Undeclared DVDs, though. I don't know if that show was better but it was definitely funnier.

3. Hotel Rwanda
Another J.G. pick. She'd seen it already and I hadn't. It was interesting to get a humanized perspective on something that was all over the news when I was just a little too young to grasp what was going on. They did a good job of showing how quickly the situation broke down, and how nice things were before.

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Monday, September 19, 2005
"Prevent Breast Cancer on Your iPod Nano"

- the header on a piece of spam in my inbox today. I didn't know it could do that too.


Friday, September 16, 2005
Last night I went to the Ottobar for Lake Trout's CD release party. But I was a little more excited to see the opening band, Apollo Sunshine, who they played with last time I saw them back in April, and they really impressed me at that show. I bought a live CD from them after the show but had been looking and hadn't been able to find a copy of their first album ever since. But they just released their 2nd album this week, so I was able to buy that last night. They really might be the best live rock band I've seen all year. And they drove all the way down from Boston for the show, and got stuck on the NJ Turnpike, so they were in the car something like 10 hours before playing, and still put on an amazing show. I won't got into a lot of detail about them right now, but I'm probably going to try to review the album somewhere and if it's as good as their live show it's going to be a pretty gushing review.

Lake Trout were alright. My review of the new album wasn't super positive but I'm still a big fan of the band and I was pretty excited to get a promo 6 weeks before the release. It was cool to hear the new songs live now that I know them pretty well. I've been going to their shows for over 6 years now, and I get into a lot of their history in the review, but it's always been an up and down ride, some great shows, some boring ones. The highlights of the recent shows have been all the loud, fast instrumentals that aren't on the new album. At one point it was supposed to be a double album, with a 2nd disc of instrumentals, but that plan got scrapped. It appears that a limited edition 2CD version is being released in the U.K. in October, I'm hoping that's what I think it is and that I can order a copy somewhere.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005
top ten:

1. Bob Seger - "Her Strut"
2. Missy Elliott - "Can't Stop"
3. The Posies - "I Guess You're Right"
4. Huli Shallone - "Makin' Moves"
5. Paula Campbell - "Lighters Up" remix
6. Lake Trout - "Pill"
7. Medications - "Pills"
8. System Of A Down - "Violent Pornography"
9. Cassidy - "C-Bonics"
10. Brendan Benson - "Between Us"

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Monday, September 12, 2005
Lake Trout review on Stylus today. I probably would've given it a B or C+, but I realize I came across more negative than that in the review. Album's out tomorrow, release party at the Ottobar on Thursday.

Note: In light of the end of Stylus in 2007, I decided to archive the text of all my reviews for the site on this blog for posterity, since I don't what the future holds for the Stylus domain, and have included both the letter grade ratting that accompanied the original review, and an adjusted rating that I would give the record now in retrospect.

Lake Trout
Not Them, You
Palm Pictures/Rx Records
Stylus rating: C
Adjusted rating by reviewer: B-

Over the course of a decade and four studio albums, Lake Trout have shed their skin several times. Formed in the mid-90's as five college students from Baltimore, they were a crowd-pleasing jam band with jazz chops on their self-titled 1997 debut. By 1999's Volume For The Rest Of It, they began to flirt with drum'n'bass rhythms and distance themselves from the jam band scene. Meanwhile, no one seemed to love drummer Michael Lowry's dazzlingly skillful live reproduction of programmed jungle beats more than Disco Biscuits fans on the jam festival circuit, but the band also began to play raves and indie rock clubs in attempts to diversify their sound and audience.

After a couple years of failing to alienate their hippie fanbase with some slightly eclectic influences, Lake Trout turned to writing short, concise songs to set themselves apart from the scene, culminating in 2002's Another One Lost (re-released nationally in 2003). Key to their courtship of indie and alt-rock audiences was a series of co-headlining shows with the Dismemberment Plan, who wrote the drum'n'bass-influenced "The Other Side" as an admitted homage to Lake Trout.

The leaps of sound and motivation from one album to the next that have defined Lake Trout's career thus far seem to stall out on Not Them, You, their 2nd album on Palm Pictures/Rx Records. Three years after Another One Lost, they've made an incredibly similar album, whereas they used to change their sound drastically not only from year to year but sometimes from night to night. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it means Lake Trout have probably found a sound they're comfortable with and are done running from every previous incarnation. But it's also not great news.

Not Them, You continues the transparent worship of Radiohead that was in full swing on Lake Trout's last album. There's less Kid A-style borrowing from electronica's greatest hits, but frontman Woody Ranere is still drearily singing elliptical lyrics in a strained falsetto like so many other disciples of Thom Yorke. And tracks like "King" sound almost like blatant attempts to rewrite "Street Spirit" or "Knives Out." Ranere's vocals have never been Lake Trout's greatest asset, and arguably the band was at their best during the period that their material was almost entirely instrumental, as captured on the 2000 live album Alone At Last. But on Not Them, You, his voice sounds more confident and at home in the band's music than it ever has before.

Lake Trout's pursuit of songcraft is still a hit and miss affair. The production and arrangements on Not Them, You are booming and practically arena-ready, but rarely support a particularly memorable tune. At their best, though, up-tempo tracks like "Now We Know" and "Have You Ever" do pound away convincingly, and they scarcely sound like a bunch of jamming jazz nerds trying to rock anymore.

The album's most puzzling moment is the Dave Fridmann-produced rendition of "Street Fighting Man," a sleepy, ethereal cover of the Rolling Stones' classic swathed in the Flaming Lips producer's trademark reverb and ambiance. Lake Trout have always been a versatile cover band, recreating beats by Amon Tobin and Aphex Twin as ably as songs by Helmet and the Pixies. But there's no compelling reason for their limp reading of the Stones anthem to be given prime real estate on a studio album, much less be the only track helmed by a big name producer and released as its first single. Maybe singers in rock'n'roll bands just really like to sing that line about singin' in a rock'n'roll band.

Lake Trout's sound may have once been defined by Lowry's busy beats and multi-instrumentalist Matt Pierce's flute and saxophone, but on Not Them, You, they're more of a guitar band than ever. Lowry stays in mid-tempo rock drumming mode and never busts out a flashy jungle break, and Pierce keeps a low profile, adding subtle keyboard textures and the occasional flute riff. But guitarists Ranere and Ed Harris drive most of the songs with the interplay between their churning strums and snaky slide guitar leads. In fact, the slide guitars are perhaps the greatest pleasures of the album, bolstering "Pill"'s tremendous chorus and soaring solo, and ending the album on a high note with the tense, linear melody of the gorgeously spooky instrumental "Keep Your Eyes Shut."

Not Them, You was originally planned as a double album, with the 2nd disc consisting of some of the band's frequent forays into down-tempo instrumental territory. Ultimately, however, the album ended up as one disc with several instrumentals peppered throughout the vocal tracks, much like Another One Lost. And also like Another One Lost, the album ends with two consecutive instrumentals. All the parallels between their last two albums don't flatter Not Them, You, which pales in comparison to its predecessor, still Lake Trout's most accomplished and consistent studio album. They may have applied the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" rule on Not Them, You, but it would've been nice if they hadn't broken their precedent for restlessly changing and evolving instead.

Reviewed by: Al Shipley
Reviewed on: 2005-09-12

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Friday, September 09, 2005
Been doing some long overdue cleaning up of the links here and on Gov't Names. Over there, I made the Baltimore links their own section and added a couple new local blogs. Over here, I moved things around a little, updated Boss Harvell's link, updated Mat's URL, which has changed a ridiculous three times in recent months, added Tom's brother Jim, who I hung out with for the first time last weekend, and added Tom's Voice blog (my favorite posts so far are the David Banner one and the one about the Scream Tour (except for how the headline makes it seem like it's about the Diplomats)), and added A Current Affair Blog, which I've been neglecting lately since I'm still having internet problems at my new apartment, plus I probably wouldn't be able to bring myself to write anything anyway with ACA covering pretty much nothing but New Orleans right now.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
in my stereo:

Kanye West - Late Registration
Dane Cook - Retaliation
DJ Kay Slay - The Streetsweeper, Vol. 1
Ludacris - Back For The First Time
Bruce Springsteen - Greatest Hits
Darkroom Productions presents - Hamsterdam: The Best of Baltimore
Mullyman - Believe In H.I.M.: The Mix CD
The Oranges Band - The World & Everything In It
Lungfish - Indivisible
Private Eleanor - No Straight Lines

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
We finally got the cable hooked up at the new place yesterday, but the internet there still isn't working, so for the past week I've only caught brief glimpses at what's going on in the outside world, and I apologize for being a little self-involved. To counteract all the depressing shit out there, I might just turn this into a kitten blog. We brought them home on Saturday, and they're tiny and hyper and if I say anything else about them I'm going to get all cuddlestein mountain on you. I decided to name the boy Harrison, which was originally suggested by J.G.'s brother, who got the idea from this. But if anyone asks, I'll probably tell them I named him after either this guy, this guy, or this guy.

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Friday, September 02, 2005
We're almost done moving and I can't wait for it to be over. We were planning to start on Saturday morning, but an hour before we were supposed to get the keys, we got a call from our new landlord that the previous tenants hadn't moved out yet and we'd have to wait 3 more days. So we had to hold off til Tuesday, and instead of having all weekend I had to move in the middle of the week all while trying to register for classes (oh yeah, remember a few months ago when I said I graduated? I got a letter from the university 2 weeks after I walked in the ceremony (!) saying I haven't met all the graduation requirements and need a couple more classes. Motherfuckers.) The new place is awesome, though. Once I clear the last of my shit out of the old place and get the internet/cable hooked up on Monday (I'm posting from work, btw) things should be great, but this week has been pretty hectic.

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